How to fix hp5200 (won't print last page)

March 4, 2015

A few months back Apple rolled out new drivers for the HP5200 and hundreds of other HP printers.  If you are like me, the last page of almost every document no longer prints, no matter what.  So aggrevating!!!! 


After a few months of tinkering off and on I have finally come to the most obvious solution, (use at your own risk, this fixed everything for me)


Download and install the previous set of drivers.


The version I linked to is new enough that it works well with all of the programs I use and works in the new Mac operating system Yosemite.  


After installation, everything should run as normal.  Just a note to double check that you are not autoupdating on your apple OS (setting found in the APP Store) as your computer may redownload and reinstall the new and dysfunctional HP 3.0 drivers.  


Success or not, you can enjoy this video- which sums up my sentiment towards most printers.  



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How to fix hp5200 (won't print last page)

March 4, 2015

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