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Premiere, Fall 2024 Much of my music asks the question of “where do you want to go?” From the deepest cave in the world with Rapture, to the terrestrial rivers of the Amazon in River of Doubt, to the sky via The Art of Flight, and to the stars with Earthrise. My next composition asks the question, “when do you wish to go to?” The Time Traveler is a “Pictures at an Exhibition” style composition. Instead of visiting different art works in a museum, the time traveler visits different eras in music pertinent to the formation of both concert music and the wind symphony. The 20-minute work is structured in alternating short “episodes” and “movements.” Each episode is based on the opening primary theme, which becomes a theme and variation through the lens of musical eras. Each movement sonically depicts time travel between musical eras. The Time Traveler celebrates the tremendous range, sonic capabilities, and power of the wind ensemble.



RAPTURE recording

RAPTURE excerpt

DANCE SUITE performance

TIMELAPSE recording


EARTHRISE performance

BLOOM excerpt

BLOOM performance

ART OF FLIGHT excerpts

ART OF FLIGHT performance

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