WHEN: April 21st, 2018

WHERE: Cincinnati

Who: Collegium Cincinnati

Visual Artist: Anne Patterson

Composer: Patrick Harlin


Performance excerpts: The Art of Flight​

This video shows the range of music performed in The Art of Flight.  Each movement is set to a different color palette and lighting scheme.  It moves from music featuring a violin soloist, to the ensemble mimicking the large scale flight patterns of a murmuration- by giving each player their own individual part.  

For the purposes of the application you can view, but do not share this video.  

The making of Murmuration

Art installation and lighting by Anne Patterson

This is the behind the scenes of the Murmuration installation created by visual artist Anne Patterson for the Bicentennial Celebration in Cincinnati. 

Project 2: I-Park artist residency

I-Park Artist Residency

Site Specific installations

This is a sampling of some of the nature and space inspired art installations housed at I-PARK in Connecticut.  The 1000 acre residency features many art creations that could be experienced in VR.  

WHEN: APRIL 1-18th

Project 3: the wilderness anthology

Soundscape Ecology is the study of sound in relationship to the environment.  I've looked at ways in which sound can be used to help benchmark the health of an ecosystem.  

From 2014 onward I have been recording sounds at a number of imperiled environments including the Amazon rainforest and Book Cliffs, United States. 

These environments are contrasts, the Book Cliffs is a windy and desolate high-plains desert, the Amazon is one of the most biodiverse and ecologically rich environments on the planet.  

My string quartet- a 35 minute work for