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I want all of my students to leave my studio as better educated, more compassionate, more open, and more emotionally equipped human beings.  I am happy if my students want to pursue music as a career, (my students have been admitted to The Royal Conservatory, University of Michigan, Interlochen Arts High School, USC, Northwestern, and more).  I am also happy if they just want to learn more about composition, video game music, or how to play their favorite song.  

I teach students of all ages and skill levels, and am open to all types of music, from film to video game to classical to pop.  I am interested in how these genres connect and overlap.  I integrate my students' interests in their lessons through piano performance repertoire and music compositions assignments.  

The benefits of music lessons are astounding: they increase your IQ, language skills, test taking skills, concentration, emotional control, spatial-temporal skills, brain region communication, and on and on.  But for me, the most important thing is that you get to work on a lifelong skill and build an appreciation and fluency in one of life's great joys, music.  



Learn to

  • write for orchestra

  • create a composition portfolio

  • apply to college

  • write for film

  • write for video games

  • create professional parts and scores

  • think creatively

  • use a DAW

  • orchestrate effectively

  • rehearse with professional ensembles

Patrick Harlin’s music has been performed by the St. Louis Symphony, Kansas City Symphony, Calgary Philharmonic, and commercially recorded by Ward Stare and the Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra among others.  Patrick’s interdisciplinary research in soundscape ecology—a field that aims to better understand ecosystems through sound—has taken him to imperiled regions including the Amazon rainforest.  Patrick was raised in Seattle and lives in Ann Arbor, Michigan. He is currently the composer-in-residence with the Lansing Symphony Orchestra.  He holds a doctorate and master's degree in music composition from the University of Michigan.    


Contact for music studio inquiries

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Please include your name, age, any musical background, and if you have any goals with lessons.  


A few recent works

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