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SOUNDSCAPE ECOLOGY                                    


In the field of acoustic ecology, sounds are classified in three distinct categories, biophony, geophony, and anthrophony, meaning noise from animals (biophony), sounds from the natural world like wind, rain and waterfalls (geophony), and sound from humans (anthrophony). Soundscape ecology looks at the relation of these sources of sound in a given environment and the effect on the organisms within that environment.  

From 2014 onward I have been recording sounds at a number of imperiled environments including the Amazon rainforest and Book Cliffs, USA.  These environments are contrasts in almost all respects.  The Book Cliffs is a windy and desolate high-plains desert which is virtually silent except for wind and shale oil drills-- the Amazon is one of the most biodiverse and acoustically rich environments with noise from all manner of species.  

Listen to the audio samples below and try and count the sound layers

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