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I am a freelance artist, meaning that I make my living through my art.  I pay for my own health insurance, I paid (am still paying) for my education, and in many ways, I subsidize the art that I create. 


It is easy to understand that art is not a financially lucrative endeavor.  It is why we need donors to help  support organizations that present the arts.  It is equally important and worthwhile to support artists directly.  

If you are moved by my music, soundscapes, or art in general-- you can support my work as a composer! 

Make a financial contribution to:

check: (email for postal address)

venmo: @Patrick-Harlin


You can specify if you want the money to be applied towards a future commission, soundscapes, or just general support of an artist, and I will personally let you know how I used your money, and in the case of commissioning funds, include an acknowledgement in all published work related to the commission.    

Composing takes a tremendous amount of time and energy, resources, and community resources.  Any contribution helps me spend more time composing and less time working to support/subsidize the arts.  I have a backlog of projects, some commissioned, others just ideas worth pursuing.  

**Past financial support helped in part to purchase a beautiful Yamaha U1 piano, which I use daily! 



ph: 425.246.0275

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ph: 425.246.0275



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