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Soundscape: the sum total of sound in an environment, made up of geophony, biophony, and anthrophony.  (more on soundscapes here)

Soundscape Catalogue

THE SOUNDSCAPE CATALOGUE           new sounds twice weekly   

All recordings and photos by Patrick Harlin

CBS Morning News special featuring two of the preeminent soundscape recordists; acoustic ecologist Bernie Krause and "sound tracker" Gordon Hempton.

Enjoy the second take off Rob Swanson's free-jazz album under the alias Duke Silver.

Kidding aside, there are trumpeter swans in Ann Arbor! Not for long, just a few migratory days in February. Keep your ears out for the noisy non-geese tourists.

A Swan Mystery

Does anyone know why swans hold their wings up when they swim? I can't find any compelling information online, the only thing I've found (which was not persuasive) is that it is "friendly behavior."

Final note, I realize these are mute swans in the photos, I didn't have a good camera on me when I was recording audio.

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